Aerial Ads Offer Many Options

An aerial advertising company is now being seen as a destination for marketing managers eager to promote their goods or services as the recession has scaled back ad budgets. TV and radio ad rates continue to rise so the best option is proving to be aerial billboards or an aerial banner.

Aerial View Of Melbourne CBD On A Stormy Day Over Melbourne Australia Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 124559360.

Such advertising company can easily be found on the Internet. What was formerly a unique approach to advertising is now becoming more mainstream and now there are many takers for aerial billboards or an aerial banner fotografie.

An aerial advertising company can choose from among three elements as its target of focus, depending of course on the customer. It can target geographically by focusing on a region, state or sector. An above ground ad company can display billboards by targeting economically over a district or the sector of a city. Areas of interest would be another target area where the advertising company flies over a site, rally or event.

One particularly attractive feature which can be offered by an aerial ad firm in addition to aerial billboards or a banner is a ‘Night Sign’. As the name says, these signs can light up the skies at night and display the customer’s message in an extremely visible manner.

Computerized moving characters are displayed on an 8′ x 36′ 252-light grid attached to the bottom of the aircraft. The moving 8′-high letters are made of high-intensity individual lights and can be manipulated to be made bold, move right or left, up or down and sweep from left to right or vice versa. An advertising company would recommend a message of less than 45 characters or alternating with other messages.

Such advertising companies these days can be found in places as far-flung as Indonesia and New Zealand, significantly both major tourist destinations. The UK has its share as well as billboards appear here to stay.

New technology has brought down costs of production of banners and aerial billboards which also benefits the customer. Be it billboards or an poster, any prospective aerial advertiser can be sure the message is sure to be seen by the people that matter – the target audience.

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