Brickell Condos, a Mixture of Great Miami Luxury Residential Architecture

Coming from Biscayne Bay a beautiful cluster of buildings can be appreciated from the distance. It’s the new Miami residential metropolis that blends with the financial capital of the Americas. This amazing city under the tropical sunshine is the home of the beautiful and exclusive Brickell condos. Its downtown Miami and Brickell that together form this amazing cosmopolitan silhouette called the Miami skyline.

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Multiple examples of different architectures and styles coexist together in Brickell and downtown Miami. Impressive office buildings and landmarks along with spectacular residential Brickell condos have been built transforming the once calm and quiet city of Miami into an exciting new cosmopolitan Mecca of the 21st century. Multiple styles and designs can be appreciated in this sophisticated residential and business area. People from all over the world are now living in these magnificent new sleek sculptures also called Brickell condos. Amid the most beautiful Miami condos are the ones located in Brickell like the unique Jade Brickell Miami, a marvelous residential luxury building that set the trend for new developments than now are part of this upscale neighborhood. Glass balconies and floor to ceiling windows became the norm and the style to follow probably because of the freshness and the coolness it evokes. That freshness is also a reminder of the ocean and the blue skies that are gracefully reflected in those balconies when looking from a distance in a city full of warm and action luxury homes in miami.

Today young professionals and families call this amazing city their home. Every building is a mini city in itself, with amenities like the ones you see in a 5 star resort. Brickell condos are really some of the trendiest places to live today in Miami. The convenience of being able to live close to work and at the same time having all the fun the Magic city can offer is a magnet for those seeking the best Miami lifestyle. New residential Brickell condos like The Plaza, Axis condos, Jade Brickell, Skyline, Emerald condos, and Icon Brickell condos are very good examples of great Miami living.

Icon Brickell is a world apart yet a piece of this spectacular mixture of Brickell condos. At Icon Brickell residents can enjoy a city within a building with 5 restaurants, a majestic spa, and the largest swimming pool in Florida, theater, a spectacular night Club with a roof top pool called Club 50, and an intriguing interior design by Philippe Stark.

Other luxury wonderful buildings in the area are the impressive Santa Maria and the Bristol Tower, pioneers of the new Miami glass architecture. Living in one of these wonderful buildings is today more possible than ever before, due to a severe local real estate market correction after the booming construction times that gave birth to most of these great structures. Good opportunities can be found both in Brickell condos for sale and Brickell rentals, now more affordable than ever before.

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