EVGA Classified Motherboard: The Best Choice For Gamers Review

Computer users who consider themselves to be hardcore gamers require a motherboard that will keep up with their high scores. Containing large memory, quick speed and detailed graphics, the EVGA Classified Motherboard is the best motherboard for gamers to choose.

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Gaming Board

When searching for the best motherboard to purchase to upgrade their computer system, users base their selection on the most affordable and most powerful components that will improve their system’s usability. This motherboard stands out amongst the competition with the most options available for gamers to improve their game play nytuesday.

Maximum Memory

One of the most important things a gamer needs to consider when choosing a motherboard is maximum memory. The EVGA Classified Motherboard features 24 gigabytes of memory, which is necessary for users who need a system with a high amount of memory to ensure that their games will run smoothly and will not freeze. This leads to more enjoyable game play and the ability to play for longer periods of time. This motherboard has six expansion slots to improve memory options. Graphics cards can be used in the four PCI Express x16/x8 slots, which provides 4 gigabytes per second bandwidth and supports various technologies. With memory that includes 6 x 240-pin DIMM sockets, Triple Channel DDR3, and a maximum of 24GB of DDR3 at 1600MHz, the EVGA Classified Motherboard is the best choice for a gamer looking for a motherboard with a high amount of memory.

High Speed

Packed with a high amount of memory, the EVGA Classified Motherboard is a high speed system that will satisfy the needs of dedicated gamers. The PCI Express is a feature that processes 500 megabytes a lane, as well as 8 gigabytes at 16 time speeds. These features allow the system to have full support for new PCI-E 2.0 graphics cards. Another feature that helps users decide that the EVGA Classified Motherboard is the best choice for gamers is the Serial ATA II, which is also known as SATA2. This improves system performance with a 3.0 gigabytes transfer speed, which is faster than a Standard Serial ATA.

Intense Graphics

Another important feature for gamers is the need for high graphic capabilities on their system. This motherboard provides a boost with up to seven PCI-E slots that allow for numerous graphic improvements, such as dual, triple, and quad SLI or CrossFireX graphics configurations. These systems will allow users to experience games with intense and realistic graphics.

Supreme Overclocking

Dedicated gamers rely on overclocking to increase the performance of their computers. Users will choose this motherboard because it provides the proper system requirements for a stable infrastructure and platform, which is perfect for overclocking.

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