Comic Book T-Shirts – Wear Your Heroes and Villains!

Say it loud and proud: “I’m a geek, and I will demonstrate it thusly- behold! My chest of wonders!” Well, if that doesn’t float your boat you could just wear the t-shirts. Comic book t-shirts have become one of the most popular fashion accessories in the past couple of years, with superheroes and other comics characters showing up on garments at an ever increasing rate.

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Hell, you can get Avengers underwear and Hulk sneakers now. The range of comic book t-shirts currently available is staggering, and pretty much any character from any publisher can be found on a shirt Comme des Garçons . You can find the best comic book t-shirts online from a number of reputable retailers, and what’s more, a ton of them are available at discount prices right now.

Granted, about 90 percent of comic book t-shirts will feature characters from DC and Marvel, but if you have a look around you can find most of your favourite characters from other publishers too. You could see comic book t-shirts and being a statement of your interests, your own allegiance or just something that looks pretty damn cool. That’s the beauty of these shirts- their images won;t go out of fashion as long as the characters are still known and popular. Even after they’ve gone, the shirts will retain their cool factor simply due to the quality of the images.

Every geek with a passion for overly muscular characters with insane powers beating all kinds of heck out of each other should own a couple of comics shirts. They don’t have to be multicoloured and garish either- how about something like one of the Xavier Institute logo shirts based on the famous school from the X-men comics and movies? There are any number of them available. There are regular shirts with vibrant prints, vintage style shirts with weathered prints, group shots, individual characters and more.

Taking a look in my own wardrobe for example, there’s three Judge Dredd t-shirts, a Spider-Man shirt, an X-men shirt, a Marvel villains shirt, a ‘Support Indie Publishers’ shirt, a Midtown Comics shirt my old housemate brought me from New York and a bunch of anime and movie t-shirts that are also great for suiting every mood.

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