How to Track Comments on Personal Blogs

There are many benefits of using a WordPress blog for your business. WordPress blogs are very flexible and SEO WordPress blogs allow you to create a personal brand on the internet with just one click of a button WordPress blogs allow users to easily update their blogs regularly while they are offline, without having to go through the trouble of switching hosting services .

A WordPress blog uses a file called a “post” database. Each post is stored in a directory of all posts on your WordPress blog A new post is added to your blog by first requesting the URL for your blog and then saving it to that directory. Whenever another user adds a blog post to your blog, your URL is updated accordingly. When another user deletes a blog post on your WordPress blog, it doesn’t affect your entries in the”posts” database in any way.

Another great benefit of WordPress blogging software is the ability to trackbacks and pingbacks. A trackback is a notification that another user has updated a blog post on your WordPress blog with a link back to your homepage. WordPress blogs feature a pingback system which allows other users to trackback your content and ping your homepage. Users can specify their own pingbacks which makes them very customizable If someone updates an important blog post on your blog, you can trackback to his or her homepage and ping them right back

You can also leave comments on other people’s WordPress blogs. By clicking on the “Your Post” icon in the upper left corner of your WordPress blog page, you can instantly post a comment on another person’s post. Anybody can leave comments on your blogs. However, they need to have an account with the same email as you do in order to leave a comment on your blog. Once you logged in, you will see a box for a “Leave a comment” and a link to your user name in the box below the post.

Some people might wonder why they can’t leave a comment on every single post on their personal blog site The truth is, WordPress

only supports one comment option per blog post. If you’re not a spammer, then this isn’t a problem for you. Spamming is a serious offense in several instances. If you are a spammer though, you’ll want to keep your personal blog comments limited to the number of blog posts that contain links.

Tracking Your Own Blog Posts: You also have the ability to track and login to your WordPress blogs in Excel to check for tracking or to login to individual post pages for easier editing of your new posts . You can set up a new tab in the upper right corner of your screen for tracking your own posts and click the “New Post” button located at the top right corner of the screen. In this new tab you’ll be able to track your own comments and rate each one individually. This is an incredible tool that helps increase productivity as you’ll always be able to go back to your own blogs to make changes whenever necessary.

Use Your Social Media Presence: WordPress makes it very easy to connect with your social media accounts from within your WordPress blog site. All you need to do is to add a plug-in called All in One SEO. Install All in One SEO and select your social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and so on. Once you’ve done this, a customized page called “Social Media Connections” will be displayed

All of these features will definitely make it easier for you to track comments and leave comments on your personal blogs. This makes it much easier for you to monitor the effectiveness of your comments on different blog sites and determine where you should focus your efforts in terms of blog posting and blog optimization. You’ll also discover that it’s much easier to leave comments on other people’s blogs once you know how to use All in One SEO and plugins that make it easy to share your blog with others. It really isn’t that difficult to generate more traffic and to generate higher profits with your personal blogs if you know how to maximize them.

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