Visit the Unique Town of Lavenham – Suffolk

Lavenham has a long history of drawing tourists from near and far. There is an abundance of medieval cottages and buildings in the area that are a favorite for photographers. If you’re looking for a quaint and unique challenge as a photographer, you’ve found a hotbed for activity. You can visit Lavenham any time of the year and go away with incredible shots, guaranteed.

The market cross and the town center date back to the sixteenth century and echo the whispers of those who walked the streets before you rhubarb candle. The history of this town is seated in the wool trade. The wool from Lavenham is used world wide for a variety of purposes. It is proclaimed the finest that there is and you’ll see it used in sweaters everywhere. The people of Lavenham are proud of their trade and it shows.

The tomb of Thomas Spring the third can be found at the Church of St. Peter, enclosed by a beautiful screen that was finished in 1525. The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul offers you a look of historical reverence and at the same time, whimsy as you tour the grounds. Without giving anything away, just make sure that you check out the wooden carvings in the interior courtyard and inside the building. You and the whole family will surely find the tour to be one they’ll never forget.

Each year, car enthusiasts come from near and far to Lavenham for the Lavenham Rare Breeds Motor Show. The car show shows over 250 exotic antique and unique vehicles that will amaze your children. The beauty and spleandor of the art of automobile craftsmanship is exhibited each year during this show and should not be missed by any car buff.

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