Aromasin Dosage and Side Effects

Aromasin belongs to a family of antineoplastic drugs. This medication has the general mechanism of inhibiting various cell activities. There are different forms of aromasin namely trombosed aromatic compounds (TCA), tretinoin and aromatase inhibitors. It also has an effect on the cell membranes and the cytoplasm.

Aromasin as a prescription drug is available in the market in a variety of dosages to suit different patients. So, before you take aromasin, it is advisable to consult your doctor on how much of aromasin you should take and at what dose. Aromasin can cause some serious side effects if it is misused or abused. So, you need to be careful with its use.

Your doctor may prescribe an aromasin dosage depending on your symptoms and body condition. For instance, in case of advanced breast cancer, your doctor may want you to take a high dosage of aromasin. Your body type and lifestyle as well as your medical history needs to be addressed while prescribing your dosage. Aromasin dosage as per your doctor’s instructions will determine the response and recovery of your body. Aromasin works by altering the metabolism of estrogen. Therefore, a good and safe dosage of aromasin depends on your body type, lifestyle and other factors such as herb content, temperature and food type.

Common side effects include redness of the skin, itching, dryness of the skin, rashes, diarrhea and hives. But, these side effects subside after a day or so. The most common dose of aromasin usually takes about a week to get effect Aromasin. If you experience any of these mentioned side effects, then reduce your dose gradually until you get better. This is because if you go up to a higher dosage then there are chances that you may experience more serious side effects. If you experience severe side effects, then you should contact your doctor immediately and advise of alternative therapy.

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Another common side effects of taking aromasin is increased sweating and nausea. These are side effects due to the increase in estrogen level. Hormonal imbalance also causes increased sweating and nausea. Hence, if you notice any of these symptoms then reduction of your aromasin dosage will help you in relieving these symptoms.

You may want to discuss with your doctor before taking this medication. You doctor will know your personal requirements and conditions and may want you to take a lower dosage. However, you must remember that you are taking a medication that may cause some serious side effects. You may want to consult with your doctor before you decide on the dosage of aromasin.

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