Combination of Cards in Capsa Susun

After you learn the level of value and symbols of the cards, you also have to learn what is a card combination. When you play capsa, you will not only compete with 1 type of card until the game ends. This means in certain rounds where the cards that are installed are 2, 3 or 5 at once. If only 1, it will be very boring for players. So for that reason, capsa stacking uses the arrangement of card combinations that are similar to poker games found in lipoqq.

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There will be many card combinations that players can make with a choice of 13 cards. To speed up the capsa game, players can issue combinations in the form of double, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and the highest is the royal flush. Double and three, and four of a kind are quite easy, you just need to find cards of the same suit. Examples are jack jack or 10 10 10.

Every round there will be a winner. It must be remembered that the winner of the game is the player who spends his cards first. Opponents won’t win right away if they only win rounds. An example is a straight, which is 5 cards that have the same order. Examples are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And a flush is 5 cards that have the same symbol. So by understanding what combinations you can make with these 13 cards, you can play and win capsa stacking.

Composing Cards

The goal of the capsa stacking game is to win. The easiest tip to help you is to sort the cards you have. First, set aside the high cards, namely Ace and 2. You need high cards to win the singles card round.

 After that, look for cards that have a double or three of a kind. After sorting the cards, you see if you can make combinations like a full house. That is 5 cards consisting of a double and three of a kind. If not, try to find other combinations such as flush or straight. After trying to make a combination of 5 cards, you can start playing and win capsa stacking.

The Key To Winning Is Patience

All cards that have been arranged certainly need the right time to be issued. Often, good players in capsa stacking rely on patience. As a player, you don’t always have to issue cards. If you save a card to make a 5-card combination, that’s okay.

Just skip the round and wait for the right round to take out 5 cards. Play wisely, but stay aggressive. If the cards you save don’t match the round, change your strategy and adapt to the game. There are dozens of ways to become a better player. But it takes time too. So do not forget to keep on trying even after you may have lost a round or two. It is easy to bounce back in capsa online.

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