Children Will Fix the Future of Our Current Mistakes for All Nations Around the World to Live & See

***Children are the instrumental key for the future progress of our current society in all keys,chords, colors and nationalities! Children are the instrument for the future progress of an amiably well- functioning global union of society in every key, color and nation; Children will fix the future of our current mistakes in society for all nations around the world to live and see! It is no wonder that educational changes abound everywhere! The way of educating our youth is changing in so many ways that children will finally be able to understand their brilliance and contribution to society, being taught by demonstration about the importance of empathy and global diversity as the new normal. Being kind, contributing to global peace and sharing knowledge, compassion and living harmoniously is all a part of the new global education system.

Teaching children in small groups, changing roles, offering solutions, though letting them work together and solve their differences as you stand back as mediator or moderator will help children be children and practice problem-solving skills that will benefit them even into adulthood Jesus A Course in Miracles . There are many new ways of teaching children that are more empowering, yet still keep the children engaged in learning through peer role reversals with coaching and educational techniques that are different then how you and I learned when we were in public education. The advancements are getting even better and the results are even more remarkable! Test scores are trending higher as new methods of teaching are incorporated into many school systems.

We are now training and engaging a lot more versus memorizing and rehearsing- these methods are more of a thing of the past. I am really happy with the new teaching innovations and can only guess that our posterity stands to benefit even more as a result of the evolution in teaching. Teaching in smaller groups and utilizing natural skills of sight to be used as a guide for words, sounding out correctly, attention by focusing more on reading by the sounds and utilization of Site words, (ask your kids what Site words are),recognizing the importance of phonics and literacy. Adding more musical instruments and educational games,and playing classical music as a background sound that sets a serious tone in the classroom. Incorporating classical music is inviting and creating a very mentally beneficial calmer, more acceptable way of influencing the learning environment. It has aided by increasing test scores, demonstrating marked improvement in classroom participation, listening and responding skills. Playing classical music is great for aiding and instilling a strong desire to want to learn and participate in classroom or group activity. It also has been a nice, inspirational benefit in assisting with new and out-of-box teaching methods.

Working in the education field is both enlightening and rewarding as much as it is akin to being instrumental in the development of teaching children how to solve or resolve issues by themselves.

Children learn more by what they hear us say, and see us do,than by any other method of teaching or training. In line with that thought process, I gladly convey to you that I am truly impressed and humbled by the intellect and emotional maturity that children have chosen for themselves. They instinctively demonstrate high moral behavior,when adults let them think by themselves. Offer choices versus forcing actions, empathy and compassion must come naturally. Demonstrating the consequences of their choices and showing the great responses received when making good choices is really a great way to empower children to respect themselves and respect others as well!

Folks our children are watching us and they don’t like the discord that they see. The next generation of our posterity is so much more aware of our fears, apprehensions, and anxiety and they will try extremely hard to help us calm down. And they do help us, if only we allowed them to do what they do naturally which is to give and show love, care and compassion easily, readily and more freely without judgment. The youth nowadays are more advanced and more in tune with their physical and emotional needs and they have actually learned how to console themselves. Finally, we, as the current generation, will have an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief! Our youth is better equipped than we were to handle stress and seek peace and happiness above strive and discord.

There are so many young people these days that don’t know what life was like before the Internet or WiFi was ever available, and it’s really amazing. Why do I find it amazing, you ask? Because of the initiative of children everywhere, they find research, they write, they know how to find answers for others as well as for themselves. You might even venture to say that they work well in groups and are eager to share education and information with one another.

They find ways to help adults decompress,get reconnected to the family unit, and to enjoy living in the present moment- much as they live themselves- Kids are always living in the present moment. They are not responsible for their new high-tech way of living, that is the life that they inherited. We taught them how do be more independent and reliant on their own way of thinking and solving problems.

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