Project Management – Does the Project Scope Triangle Actually Successfully Work in the Real World?

Those new to project management often forget that they have very few “weapons” at their disposal with which to get a project delivered and which provide extremely limited room in which to maneuver when things go wrong. In project management this has been quantified into the Project Scope Triangle, which has become an integral part of the Project Manager skill set.

The problem is that in the real world of IT delivery it can extremely frustrating to learn that you as the PM have to find a way of resolving things with only three parameters at your disposal PMP certification cost . I know of many a PM who has sat for hours wracking their brains trying to desperately think of another “cunning” way to circumvent or resolve a major issue. So is there really another way, or does the Scope Triangle simply have to be used in a creative way in order to meet the needs of today’s projects?
Well let’s take this from the beginning. Firstly what other inputs to the project do PM’s actually have control over? Well they can decide in which order tasks will be delivered, but is this actually an advantage? After all in IT there are few delivery schedules which can be successfully changed and there is no point in simply changing things just for the sake of it. After all, deciding to conduct testing before anything has been developed doesn’t make much sense does it?
So it basically appears that a PM needs to learn how to creatively use the Scope Triangle in order to get their project out of difficulties. This can be done in a number of different ways.

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