Antique Doll Collecting

There are so many Antique dolls to be found all over the world, some in very tip top condition, of excellent quality, and those poor dolls who are less fortunate, to have not had the love, and care, that these beautiful Antiques deserve. Something that expert collectors always remember when purchasing a new doll, is that at some point in it’s life is was probably treasured by a little girl somewhere. For those who wish to start collecting these beautiful antiques, it is probably a good idea to read about them as much as you can find, or if a friend is a collector get some top tips らぶどーる . Remember a lot of doll’s have been played with by little girls, dressed, undressed, so you may come across some doll’s who have body’s that are a little worn or frayed. Then again some who haven’t got their original clothes.

A lot of collectors like the Bisque doll, of which the earlier one’s tended to be a small doll, Germany probably turned out the largest number of Bisque antique dolls. Many have been found over the century’s in boxes, even some with their very own miniature wardrobes. Due to their size many a loving mother or older sister may have sat painstakingly for hours making tiny clothes, of hats, dresses, of which there was probably many, feathers, and even little teeny weeny buttons sewn on. Due to these dolls being so small often was the case that they got lost.

Those who come across a German Bisque doll, if able to read German may be able to identify the marks and figures on the dolls shoulders and also on the back of the head. From approximately the 1880’s all the dolls had open lips and teeth, prior to then the lips were usually closed. It is worthwhile to get a book from the library, and also to do as much research on a Bisque doll if you are a new collector, so that you will have some idea of what definite marking has to be on the doll, as they can go for thousands of dollars so research will pay at the end of the day. There was also much competition from the French who also made Bisque dolls, these are known as Bebe’s and they have beautiful expressions. Because they were very expensive it was mostly the upper class children who received one of these dolls.

There is also the porcelain doll or sometimes referred to as the china doll. The difference being that a Bisque doll is unglazed, and China is glazed. To some people the unglazed looks more human due to not being as shiny. It is thought that because of this, back in approximately the 1840’s to maybe the 1860’s bisque heads became more popular. If you come upon a porcelain or china doll and find one with an elaborate hairstyle the value may be higher.

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