Pass the CPA Exam the First Time

Your dream job is just in front of you. Just a little out of focus, but you can still see it. The money, the career, the security, it’s all there. So, what is the only thing standing in your way? Passing the CPA Exam. What is the only option? Passing the first time. Now, the only thing left is figuring out how. Follow these simple tests and you are on the right path to the job you have always wanted ISACA CISM .

– Plan ahead, and plan to pass the CPA exam. Successful results will only follow successful planning. Register for the exam, and mark it as a red-letter date in your calendar. Then, draw up a study schedule that will take you through all the components of the exam and prepare you to pass the CPA exam on the appointed day.

– Put a brake on everything else in life, but the testing process. If at all possible, study for the test full time. It is not an unrealistic suggestion. After all, what are a few months of your life in exchange for earning the CPA? It should make sense when you are able step back and look at it with perspective.

If you are already working full-time or have other obligations such as family, a very heavy study load is probably not possible. In that case, plan to study for at least three uninterrupted hours every day for a three-month duration. The last thing you want to do is cram in order to pass. The bottom line is this: be a slave to your CPA study time. Make it a top priority. Move everything else down the ladder of importance. You will be so glad you did it once you pass the CPA exam the first time.

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