Colt McCoy – High School Football Career Playing Quarterback in a Small Town in Texas

Colt McCoy was born on September 5, 1986 in the small town of Hobbs, New Mexico which as of the 2000 census has a population of close to 29,000 people. The young boy from a small southeastern town in New Mexico spent his formative years in a significantly smaller town located in central xem bong da truc tuyen Texas.

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When Colt McCoy was growing up in Tuscola, Texas there was not much to do in the town with a population of only 714 except play football. At 6’2″ the right handed quarterback that was born in New Mexico was an instant star football player in the small town of Tuscola. Colt had the unique distinction of being coached in football by his father Brad McCoy, a former football player for the University of Texas (UT) Longhorns in Austin, Texas. Having a father as a football coach can be both a blessing and a curse for a young athlete as there is increased scrutiny to be handled.

Because Tuscola is such a small town the area high school named Jim Ned High School were Colt played quarterback on Friday nights is in what is known as Class 2A. The designation 2A is used to categorize high schools that are similar in size to Jim Ned High School. While the systems are tweaked from time to time and vary by state in the state of Texas Class 1A is the classification for the smallest schools while Class 5A encompasses the largest schools in the state. The purpose of the classification distinctions is to encourage quality competition amongst high schools with similar resources.

During both his junior and senior football seasons in high school quarterback Colt McCoy received the very high distinction of twice being named as a first team All-State selection for Class 2A quarterbacks. In addition to the All-State accolades Colt received an even higher distinction in the form of twice being named the offensive player of the year in Class 2A football in the state of Texas. A piece of trivia that some football fans may find interesting is that during his junior and senior seasons while being vaulted to offensive player of the year awards Colt was also the punter for Jim Ned High School.

Among the impressive statistics that Colt McCoy posted during his high school football career were 116 touchdown passes and a completion percentage north of 63% while tossing the ball for a cumulative total of 9,344 yards. Those numbers make McCoy the all-time high school passing leader in Class 2A and fourth overall when factoring in the entire history of every high school football team and player since the inception of prep football in Texas.

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