5 Reason Why You Need to Stop Smoking

People smoke for many different reasons and there are also a lot more reasons why a person should stop smoking. Initially some people start smoking due to peer pressure because they don’t want to be different from their friends. Some people smoke out of curiosity. They want to know what it tastes like or what feeling smoking can give them. Other people smoke because they think it makes them look cool. Smoking has extremely negative effects on a person’s health and appearance. It doesn’t only affect the smoker but also the people near them. Reading through this article gives information on why a person should stop smoking.

Thirdhand Smoke Is Real—And Risky to Your Health

Reason 1: Smoking has a great negative effect on your health. Smoking can lead to lung cancer and other chronic lung problems which could lead to a slow and painful death. It can cause extreme damage to other body organs such as the heart or the whole cardiovascular system Plug Play Pods. Smoking can also lead to other types of cancer such as laryngeal cancer. At whatever angle you want to see it, smoking doesn’t have any good help to a person’s health condition.

Reason 2: To a pregnant mother, there are several harmful effects of smoking. When an expecting mother inhales tobacco smoke from a cigarette, some of the chemicals are exhaled immediately and leave the body, but others stay in the body and make their way into the placenta. There are a lot of possible pregnancy complications that have been associated with women who smoke. Ectopic pregnancy, Foetal Death, miscarriage and still birth are just a few examples.

Reason 3: Another reason why a person should stop smoking is because it can cause impotence. Impotence is a problem among men characterized by consistent inability to sustain erection that is sufficient for a sexual intercourse. Smoking can damage the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis and cause them to degenerate: nicotine narrows the arteries that lead to the penis, reducing blood flow and the pressure of blood in the penis that’s why impotence occurs.

Reason 4: Social disadvantages may also be brought by smoking. Smoking stains your teeth and gums which can result in an unsightly smile. Smoking increases your risk of periodontal disease, which causes swollen gums, bad breath and teeth to fall out which are huge social disadvantages. Second-hand smoke is dangerous to other people, therefore, smoking is not allowed in many public places. The smoke coming from the cigarette that is inhaled by the person near the smoker can also cause the same health problems as that of what the primary smoker can get.

Reason 5: Many people believe it is very hard to just suddenly stop smoking. It’s not supposed to be a one day or one month process. Some people go cold turkey and most become so irritable that their spouse, partner or friend become so fed up they often go out and buy a packet of cigarettes just to bring harmony back into the home. It takes a lot of step, effort and dedication for a person to finally stop smoking. It is possible to learn how to replace your smoking habits, manage your cravings, and join the millions of people who have kicked the habit for good. To increase your chances of success, you need to be motivated, have social support, an understanding of what to expect, and a personal game plan. The most effective system today is with Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. This has a 95.6% success rate. Check out the information below if you would like to give up smoking today.

We have had a lot of controversy over the rights of those people who want to smoke and those who don’t. Do they have as much right to the same air as those who do not smoke? We live in a free country right?

Well I don’t want to talk about that. I will leave that for others to haggle over, but what I want to concentrate on is the effects that smoking has on a smokers life and on those who are just standing by and breathing in the second-hand smoke.

Lots of us have either smoked ourselves or had friends and family members who have. My father smoked cigarettes until the day he died of lung cancer. He was about a three pack a day smoker.

I remember going over to his house after the doctor said he could go home and die, and although I didn’t smoke, I would light one up for him so that he could smoke it. I often thought that this little white cigarette, that he was puffing on, was the process that my father choose over living his life with us. It’s a choice that he made and granted, we didn’t have all of the research and data that we have today, we didn’t have all of the scientific connections between smoking and cancer, that we have today, but it was known that smoking was not good for you.

I remember all of those days that I was breathing in that second-hand smoke, and I hated every minute of it. We didn’t know all of the ramifications that second-hand smoke had on other people as we do today, but smoking was an accepted cool thing to do, that turned into an awful habit that was extremely hard to break.
Smoking causes more deaths each year, than AIDS, drug abuse, alcohol, automobile deaths, suicides, and murders combined. That’s a lot folks.

I asked my daughter one day why she smoked? She said she really enjoyed the taste of the cigarette…Really? You enjoy the taste of the bottom of an ash tray in your mouth? Or do you like being the person who gets to kiss you and taste the bottom of an ash tray in their mouth. I know what that’s like, my wife used to smoke…yuk!

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