5 Steps to Quit Smoking Pot – The Beginning

To quit smoking marijuana you need a plan of action, a way forward and a reason and motivation stronger than your cravings to get through it. Many people who try to quit however do so in a haphazard way thinking that it will either be easy and having no plan except to stop or perhaps they know it is going to be hard and their plan of action is hampered by fear and a lack of understanding of the driving forces of their addiction. Steps to quit smoking pot at the very beginning are a vital thing to lay the groundwork for a successful break from smoking marijuana but do need to be modified for circumstance. Here are 5 steps you can take immediately to get you started!

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There is a certain amount of intellectual dishonesty that many addicts entertain when they resolve to quit smoking weed that is a major indicator of not really committing and allowing a relapse and that is often to do with not removing the temptation to smoke

completely. If you really want to quit do not leave anything to do with smoking pot around the house for instance. Get rid of all your stash, all your bongs and smoking paraphernalia as well as lighters or any ‘stoner’ culture stuff like posters and so on. Purge it from your life to remove longing and triggers for cravings. If you let it become EASY to take it back up again you are actually leaving the door to relapse wide open often out of fear of change and fear you cannot handle life without it.

Marijuana addiction is primarily a psychological problem can be a period of highs and lows emotionally as you struggle to come to terms with cravings, social changes and often becoming more honest with your situation and problems in cheap bongs your own life. During this period you will have periods where you will on top of the world and intensely proud of yourself. These periods can often be punctuated

with others where you may feel so low and desperate for some pot that you will forget that incredible natural high. To this end it is vital to keep positive and keeping a diary of those high points (not the low ones!) is a really good way to remind yourself when you are feeling down of what you have accomplished and how good it feels to be clean to motivate yourself and remind yourself of how far you have come.

The chemicals in marijuana are not nearly as addictive or as strong as some other drugs out there but the primary ingredient THC does do things to your body and can make quitting marijuana harder as it works its way out of system and can give major mood swings, insomnia, vivid dreams and other mild but difficult withdrawal symptoms. To lessen the effect of this eating well, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly is a good way to speed up the process and is just a good idea anyway.

The social implication of quitting pot has a much larger impact on your success than many people give it credit with many marijuana smokers have a social network of other smokers who may see nothing wrong with their lifestyle. Some face ridicule and ostracism from these friends or have a self imposed exile from these friends in order to stay away from temptation and second hand smoke which has its benefits but can have added social stress because of this. Trying to keep it secret though is just going to be a burden on your efforts so being open and honest with those around you will gain

people who will help you get through it if they are supportive and may weed out (forgive the pun) those that you probably do not want to be around anyway. However this can seem a little harsh because most other pot heads may become cold towards you not because

they do not like your new direction but because they will see it as an insult against their own smoking and lifestyle, if you can reveal your plan to quit smoking marijuana to them in a way that conveys a message of acceptance of their lifestyle and a without hurting their feelings while promoting that this is just the right thing for your life at this point you may be able to keep these friends and perhaps even gain more allies who will help you too!

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